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Windows, Eyes of the Home

Homes tend to reflect the personality of their owners, and just as every home is different, so are the windows.  Windows are the “eyes” of your home; they can be large and command center stage or small and multipaned. Because windows hold such an essential place in your home, they need your utmost attention. Window dressing can be considered the finishing touch for your windows and your home style.

Window treatments can be confusing since there are so many options from which to choose. Consider your home’s architecture and design style that defines your lifestyle – whether it’s light and airy or secluded and formal. 

Window treatments can define a room. Wooden shades in a sunroom offer low maintenance and privacy blocking when needed. When folded up, they provide the outside vistas a restful framework.

To set the mood of substantial style, utilizing floor-to-ceiling panels bring specific attention to an elegant room with high ceilings that draw the eye upward or highlight distinctive architectural features. Fabrics of lightly spun materials bring light and airiness to a room while opulent materials of silk or woven fabrics speak of luxury and glamour. Full panels provide privacy when closed, which creates an oasis of seclusion and contentment and conserves energy.

Not only are window coverings functional and aesthetically pleasing, but they act as a unifying factor in any design style. A variety of textures and colors can change a kitchen from a purely functional room to a bright, exciting and statement-making space in which to work. Chandler Interiors has an extensive choice of fabrics from bright prints to multi-colored geometrics that exudes cheerfulness and works perfectly together to highlight your busy working space.

To spice up your window coverings, add an edgy rod to the mix. Today’s rods have moved past the same old rods from days past. Now there are multi-colored metal rods that combine structure and flash such as burnished copper, polished pewter or Rustica. Wooden rods make a statement with new colors of pallet wood, storm or leather along with the traditional black, mahogany and white. And don’t forget all the exciting new finials from wrought iron to plantation wood. Finials are a natural choice to make a style statement whether you prefer Acanthus leaves or terrazzo. The final product will more than exceed your expectations. End caps are a great way to finish off a rod that leaves no space for a finial. They also come in multiple styles and materials. Chandler Interiors carries multiple choices of rods, finials and end caps. We are always happy to help find the perfect one for your draperies.

Today’s styles are a little more relaxed and less fussy. Roman Shades provide excellent choices for bathrooms and laundry rooms. They fold up into a header and can be low, midway or all the way up with little fuss. They can also be room-darkening for privacy.

Chandler Interiors Gulf Breeze can help your dress up your windows and home. Put our 25 years of experience to work for you. Give us a call at (850) 554-0611. Photo courtesy of Carole Fabrics, one of our favorite suppliers.


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