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Tips for Preparing Vacation Rentals for Summer Guests

Now that summer has arrived and our tourist season is active again, it’s time to check and refresh your condo and property rentals before the guests arrive.  The following ideas are simple, cost-effective ways that you can ensure your rental summer is a success.

Cleanliness is paramount. Extra steps to ensure the health and safety of guests is more important now than ever. Even if surfaces are clean, residual stains give an untidy appearance. One of the most effective tools to combat stubborn stains is a Mr. Clean Eraser (Tide makes an excellent version too). These are excellent multi-use tools that effectively remove grease from stoves, cabinets and cookware. They can also be used to clean windows and remove stains from sinks, tubs and showers.

A well-appointed kitchen. Guests are incredibly appreciative of access to helpful amenities that make cooking on-site feel like home. A few items to be sure you have on hand, include:

  • Clean and usable set of cooking pots and skillets
  • Kitchen knives that are properly sharpened
  • Glassware free of nicks and chips
  • Complete set of flatware for 8-12, including cooking utensils
  • Serving sets and bowls

A restful night’s sleep. For most guests, small added touches like bedroom draperies with blackout panels are a welcome surprise for those tenants that want to sleep in a little later. In addition to blocking out early morning light, they also provide extra heat absorption that makes the space more energy efficient. Our line of custom draperies features an affordable, one-layer design with a blackout option as opposed to two heavy layers of fabric. Inexpensive white noise/sound machines that can be purchased at most any big-box retailer can also be a thoughtful addition to a nearby nightstand.

Make them feel at home. A welcome book in the entryway area provides your renters a place to sign-in and include a short message about their visit. You can also add a map for guests to pinpoint their hometown. Find an inconspicuous place in a common area for a basket or decorative container and fill with information about restaurants, shopping areas, local hospitals and trolley schedules. Coffee table books that showcase the area and surrounding communities are also readily available from a variety of local merchants. These often contain gorgeous photography on the cover and interior pages that will complement your décor.

While this is not an exhaustive list of ways you can make your visitors’ stay more pleasant, it provides a few affordable options that you can accomplish quickly. Sometimes, it’s the smallest details that have the biggest impact. 


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