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Refresh Your Space

For many, working from home has become a daily lifestyle change. Learning to adjust to this new routine can be challenging, but it also provides an opportunity for creativity. Now is a perfect time to re-imagine and refresh living spaces, whether an apartment, condo or house. Every home tells its own story. Each space is unlike any other; it allows the homeowner’s personality to shine through. Consider walls as a blank canvas on which vision can become a reality.  

Color dictates how a room is projected, creamy neutral shades of white, gray or beige instill comfort while blues or greens are fresh and crisp. But nothing projects bright, fresh and clean like white. It works well in multiple design styles and color schemes because the color has a variety of undertones from creamy whites with warm undertones of yellow or red or clear crisp whites, which are blue or green based.

Texture in a variety of materials brings interest and adds life to an otherwise flat room. Plus, by introducing layers of neutrals to a white base, like nubby or woven materials, the more collected and layered your look becomes. It plays off the tones of furniture, upholstery, a rug or carpeting. Accessories in bright colors or touches of black can give the room an upscale look. To soften the feel of a white or soft gray scheme, add subtle pastels such as sofa pillows in calming blues, greens or marigold. Potted plants, vases of seashells, a woven rug or a bowl of wicker balls can contribute a natural feel that softens the expanse of white. Wall art also can add splashes of color, in groupings or with one especially commanding piece. Lamps are not only useful; they can interject creative color and texture.

Lighting is essential to any space. By altering the intensity, placement and color of light, space can be transformed. Consider both artificial light and natural light sources. Both ambient and task lighting utilizes two types of bulbs. Warm bulbs create a relaxed mood while cool bulbs help you focus. Warmer toned LED’s should be used for earth-toned rooms, while white or clear for lighter or metallic themed areas.  

To easily choose a white that will complement your furniture is to select an undertone from the same family of color. For example, if you tend to have grays and blues in your furniture mix, you would not choose a white that is warm-toned. Instead, you would select a wall paint with a blue base. You can decide which tone of white by holding up several paint chips next to each other.


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