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Recovery & Renewal

Between the COVID-19 pandemic and constant hurricanes, the Gulf Coast has had more than its share of drama. As we sort out and rebuild some semblance of normalcy, it seems the perfect time for a health and wellness checkup of both ourselves and especially our living environments.  

Once the fallen trees, excess trash and debris are removed, and windows and roofs are repaired, it’s time to consider repairing your indoor living spaces. Less disarray and confusion and more peace and calmness can be achieved by surrounding ourselves with clean, crisp spaces of simple lines and natural finishes. Natural elements of color and texture found in nature can evoke feelings of peacefulness and restoration.

Calming colors in fabrics, paint and artwork add dimension without clutter. Soft texture in draperies and furniture promotes comfort while ambient lighting adds coziness and warmth, thus ensuring a healthy atmosphere.

Instead of purchasing new furnishings, we encourage reupholstering existing ones. Today’s fabrics prove to be environmentally friendly, sturdy and stain repellant plus, absolutely beautiful. Chandler Interiors provides quality upholstery that includes fabric, pickup and delivery. We offer many quality products that can be delivered directly to your home. A beautiful new drapery can be just that perfect addition that pulls your room together. Call us; we have multiple fabrics and hardware available. We also install everything for you.

A bedroom should be a haven of tranquility. By utilizing cool tones in bed Linens, window coverings and soft textures in pillows and rugs, it becomes a sanctuary of calm after an overly busy day—a healthy retreat for body and soul. Let us help you build that bedroom.

Included below are some local resources you might want to take advantage of; most are located in the Pensacola, Gulf Breeze and Mobile. We live in Gulf Breeze too. Just call us if you have any questions.

  • Mr. Sharks Pressure Washing (They also do home restoration, etc.)
    (850) 206-3137 / MRSHARKSPW@GMAIL.COM
  • Rocky’s Pest & Termite Control (Todd Winans) 
    (850) 380-8711 
  • Barry Shuck Privacy Fence Builders
    (850) 776-9018
  • D.A.C. Roofing (Doug L. Albert)
    (850) 910-4707 / www.dacroofingllc.com
  • Cutchins Tree Trimming (Ed Cutchins)
    (850) 336-1845 / www.tree850.com

NOTE:  Always be sure to take before and after photos before any work begins!


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