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Inspiring Kitchen Upgrades

If your kitchen is feeling a little tired, perhaps it’s time for some freshening up. With proper planning and good design, style and function can exist together. Today’s kitchens are multifunctional centers for cooking, eating and even entertaining. Utilize every inch of your kitchen with these clever tips.  

Cabinets:  Colorful cabinets are style mainstays. Glossy cabinetry can make a kitchen shine. If you want a little pizazz, paint the lower cabinets a bold color and leave the upper cabinets in a white or gray. Islands are functional areas to add color without overwhelming all the cabinets. Glass-front cabinet doors are great for adding a high-end look. Refinishing existing cabinets rather than replacing is also a great option, which is a more cost-effective option. With a good coat of paint or varnish, you can save money and help the environment. Reclaimed materials such as old doors, lintel posts and weathered beams are good choices.

Lighting:  Under cabinet and in-cabinet lighting shed light on those dark corners.  According to David Jureller, designer at Wood-Mode cabinetry, “Cabinet lighting better enables textures of material and true colors of products to be realized, which creates a highly functional space with great ambiance.”

Appliances: Sleek new appliances or cabinet-fronted appliances provide a cohesive flow throughout the space. You can also add an appliance garage for small items not necessary for everyday use. 

Hardware: Multiple types of cabinetry hardware styles are available from simple inexpensive to haute, or even no hardware at all can immediately change the appearance of cabinets. Mixing metal types are the new look in hardware from polished chrome to solid brass. Even matte black finishes are the next up-and-coming look reports designers Nancy Galasso and Richard Cerrone from Lillian August Furnishings and Design in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Deep Drawers & Shelving: Deep drawers are useful for housing plates, mugs, large pots and bakeware along with everyday storage necessities. Pullout pantry shelving offers easy access to canned goods, sugar, flour and other essentials, which will keep you from burrowing through cabinets to find what you need.

Window Coverings:  Fabric, texture and color add dimension to a kitchen area and creates a sense of character for the whole house. Whether you select woven shades, Roman shades or a simple topper, your choice will add color and visual interest. Chandler Interiors Gulf Breeze specializes in custom draperies and shades that fit any design style.


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