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Grand Millennial is the New Throwback Trend

Are you looking for a fresh take on Traditionalism, a design style that is both fun and full of personality? Then chances are, you are a Grand Millennial. What is a Grand Millennial or Granny Chic, you may ask? Simply put, it’s a mix of modern style elements with a pinch of nostalgia and comfortably homey yet organized designs. It encompasses classic print patterns like toile, chintz and plaid featured in draperies, upholstery and wall coverings. Add a dash of updated modern embellishments like ruffles, pleats, fringe and initial embossing, and your home is ready for the 21st century.

Grand Millennial is a twist on tradition, an antidote to mid-century modern interiors and minimalist, all-white spaces that have dominated our Instagram feeds year after year. Rebelling the monochromatic furniture they were raised with, adults in the 20 – 30+ age range look to earlier generations for inspiration and change. They yearn for the coziness and individuality of the familiar combined with a delightful, unexpected dash of the unusual and creative.

According to Manhattan-based designer Ariel Okin, “A Grand Millennial is really A New Traditionalist.” Someone who references the work of legendary designers like Billy Baldwin, Nancy Lancaster and Albert Hadley, who realizes the staying power of good, well-edited design while putting their own fresh spin on it to make it feel updated.

With bold patterns and textures, the grand millennial style reflects their individuality.  “This generation isn’t afraid to mix in brown wood furniture or their grandmother’s china to add personality and uniqueness to their homes and their Instagram feed,” says Designer Kevin Isbell.  They want their homes to reflect their travels, hobbies, families, etc.

Heirloom furniture crafted from dark stained woods like walnut and cherry brings a sense of history to your rooms, while abstract art or metallic accents help freshen and modernize the look. Interior Designer Stefani Stein describes this trending style as “incorporating traditional details on upholstery and cushions such as tape, trim or tassels, in monochromatic or analogous color combinations.”

To achieve this well-edited design that’s more timeless than old-fashioned, choose bold patterns and textures but limit the palette to be consistent, so the look is layered and cozy, not chaotic and cluttered. Utilize the things you love and allow your home to tell your story. Contact Chandler Interiors today and let us help you discover this new style and how to make it all your own.


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