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Fresh Spring Perspectives

Now that Spring has arrived, it’s time to reclaim our homes! This was the overall topic discussed at a recent luncheon with several friends.  We were lamenting the extended stay in our homes over the past year. One friend shared that she was “so bored with looking at the same things every day and wished she could throw everything away and start over.” Well, that is a bit drastic, but maybe a little freshening up would provide a new perspective. So here are some suggestions beyond adding a fresh coat of paint or upgraded flooring (although those are great choices).

Here’s an exciting idea that adds both sophistication and two new looks in one. I’m talking about The Frame QLED from Samsung. It is a fabulous way to cover that one-eyed monster that lurks in most of our living/family rooms. This art mode turns your blank television screen into a private exhibit of curated creations, or you can add a frame that clicks into place so you can magically switch styles in a snap. Display a treasured family photo or an incredible vacation photo.

Brighten up your home by bringing in some live greenery or fresh flowers. Plants bring cheer to stuffy rooms and aid in purifying the air. How amazing to have a cutting garden outside your door, but not everyone has this option. So no room for a garden? No problem. When you can go out, go up! Why not try a Vertical Garden? Kelly Allen, the editorial assistant for Delish and House Beautiful, has some great ideas that are simple and easy to do.  You can find them on the House Beautiful website, Vertical Gardens.

Plush, brilliant and earth-friendly fabrics make their Spring debut for pillows, window coverings, and bedding. Chandler Interiors carries dozens of fabrics for both inside and outside use. Cushions, pillows and upholstery add an element of comfort and pizzaz to any gathering. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discuss how we can bring a fresh, spring perspective to your home! Happy Spring!


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