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Fresh New Looks for 2020

Comfortable, more lived in styles with brighter, clearer and more jewel toned colors are the new must haves for 2020.  Gone are the muted monochromatic pallets of gray and beige and constant blandness, according to Kathy Ireland. “Comfort in every way is a priority.”

New materials:  Warm colors, concrete, natural or raw wood, copper and brass and natural fibers are the pallet of the day.  Black is the new neutral with colors of Navy, classic blue, creamy whites, muted greens and bleached coral.

Appliances of white replace stainless steel, while painted doors and multiple arches throughout the home give a punch of freshness.  Enigmatic designer Timothy Carrigan envisions a “more eclectic approach to design, mixing different styles and periods.” Sustainability is foremost on the agenda using reclaimed materials and antique and vintage pieces.  Although wallpaper has been on the shelf for several years, its back with exciting graphics and clear colors to add interest or a surprising pop to an otherwise sedate setting. Don’t forget chintz whether its fabric for furniture, pillows, linens or even china pieces, it adds a certain welcoming touch to any area.

Happy New year!  Jeannette and Sheila


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