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2020 Holiday How To – Fall Front Door Wreath

The first installment from our 2020 Holiday How To Decor Series is now available and teaches you how to build a gorgeous fall wreath for your front door. This easy-to-follow demonstration creates a simple yet elegant wreath using various elements that you can replace as you transition between fall and Christmas decor.

The lovely fall design featured in the video uses a grapevine wreath base, floral wire, silk flowers and a small pumpkin to add depth and texture. You’ll also need a hot glue gun handy and a space large enough on your table to lay the wreath flat. The decor and supplies used in the video are readily available at your local Hobby Lobby or other craft stores. 

Watch the video now on our new YouTube channel! https://youtu.be/DP0hnBsqOFA

Stay tuned for the next installment at the end of September!


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